Islands of Sun and Freedom in a Sea of Opportunities

Arnout Nuijt, Editor-in-Chief of Atlantico Weekly and CEO of Atlantico Business Development (an international consultancy specialized in Portuguese speaking Africa), spoke with Cape Verde’s Prime Minister José Maria Neves.

Prime-minister, thank you for talking to Atlantico Weekly. First of all allow me to congratulate you on the 38th anniversary of your country’s independence from Portugal. Cape Verde has made great economic gains over the last few years. How will you maintain economic growth in the future? Thank you. Our strategy is to become an international services hub. Cape Verde does not possess any natural resources, like oil or diamonds. We have our people and we have sun, freedom and lots of opportunities. Our tourism sector grows by 25% annually and we will probably reach the one million tourists per year mark by 2017. Our maritime opportunities are huge too. With our new maritime borders we will control around 1 million square miles of sea, covering strategic international shipping lanes.

We are developing our economy around various clusters of opportunities. Let me mention for instance the Sea Cluster, which brings together our opportunities in logistics, fisheries, ship repair, bunkering, cruise terminals, etc. Next we have the cluster for renewable energies. It’s our aim to reach up to 100% energy dependency on renewables by 2020. We are now at 30% by the way. We don’t have an oil company like Sonangol in Angola, but we will build our own Sonangol in renewable Continue reading “Islands of Sun and Freedom in a Sea of Opportunities”