Rotterdam World Food Festival

worldfoodFive weeks of culinary delights in a brand new festival, the World Food Festival, Rotterdam, from 18 September until 27 October 2013

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about food. ‘Food’ is hotter than ever and Rotterdam is bubbling over with ideas. The World Food Festival presents all things culinary with a twist of Rotterdam from 18 September to 27 October. For over five weeks, restaurants and cafes, food producers, scientists and top chefs see, hear and listen to the delights Rotterdam has to offer. The festival is held at venues throughout the city and port. With Museumpark at the heart of this spicy festival of flavours.

More than just a culinary hotspot, Rotterdam is one of the most innovative, groundbreaking cities when it comes to producing and distributing food. With 170 cultures, the port city has a mouth-watering and vast palette of culinary diversity. Connoisseurs, professionals and foodies of all persuasions can sample, experience and share ideas on the latest developments in the culinary world during the World Food Festival.

With large and small events, markets, tastings, workshops, interactive exhibitions, city routes and harbour excursions, the festival gives visitors a chance to discover the various facets of the food production and distribution chain. The programme explores culinary trends and the latest developments in the food industry, zooming in on world food issues, the impact of food on health and local initiatives striving to achieve sustainable food production. With up a tempting menu of events and activities, the World Food Festival programme does more than excite your taste buds – it also gives you food for thought.

The Future Food House in Museumpark will be at the hub of the festival, offering a fascinating glimpse of the future of food with top chefs in ‘culinary jam sessions’, among other things.

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