Business opportunities in St Petersburg

stpetdaysOn October 17th 2013 the St. Petersburg Days in the Netherlands will take place in Rotterdam, focusing on business opportunities in the Russian city. St. Petersburg is the major economic, transport, academic, cultural and tourism center in Russia as well as one the largest cities in Europe. The regional economy of St. Petersburg is made up of clusters such as life-sciences, IT, shipbuilding, transport & logistics and electronics, with world-class expertise and products. During the mission innovative products as well investment projects will be presented.

If you want to get to know the latest developments as well as make direct contact with decision makers and CEO’s of the leading companies from St. Petersburg, you can do so during a series of thematic sessions:

  • Plenary session at Rotterdam City Hall, with general presentations, and
  • Thematic sessions at the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce, focusing on the following sectors:
    • Transport & logistics
    • Life sciences: pharma, biotechnologies & medical equipment
    • Information technologies: software products and outsourcing.

More details here.

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