Erasmus University creates new centre for entrepreneurship

logoeurKnowledge and development on entrepreneurship play an important role to the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The launch of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship on the 10th of October will secure the integration of entrepreneurship with education and research.  The centre makes a connection with the university’s academic knowledge and brings it to practice. The start of the centre is in line with the history of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Exactly 100 years ago entrepreneurs in Rotterdam founded the EUR.

On Thursday the 10th of October 10 the ECE will be officially launched by Pauline van der Meer Mohr (director EUR) and Frits Goldschmeding (founder Randstad Holding) on the first edition of the Erasmus Entrepreneurship Congress. The Erasmus Entrepreneurship Congress brings Research, Policy and Business together to share knowledge, insights and network. This year the focus will be on fastgrowing companies. During the congress top speakers from diverse backgrounds will take a stand on their view on fast growing companies. It will include speakers such as Noud van den Boer (Royal Van den Boer Group), Prof. Roy Thurik (Professor of Economics and Entrepreneurship) and Rinke Zonneveld (Director ROM Zuid Vleugel).

Entrepreneurship Index

During the congress the results of the Entrepreneurship Index will be presented. The Entrepreneurship Index is a recurring research platform that provides insights into entrepreneurship within Dutch businesses. The research offers new perspectives in the field of management, innovation and entrepreneurship. By applying this knowledge, there is still more to win for Dutch companies. Prof. Justin Jansen, co-founder and scientific director of ECE, will announce the results.

For congress information and registration:

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