Eneco acquires Mitsubishi electric vehicles

Eneco%20logoOn national Day of Sustainability Eneco received the keys of 40 i-MiEVs, Mitsubishi Motors’ electric vehicles. The delivery of the cars is part of the strategic partnership  between Mitsubishi Corporation and Eneco which commenced at the beginning of 2013 with the aim of jointly developing offshore wind farms, the first of which , Eneco Luchterduinen, will soon begin construction. Eneco will lend some of the i-MiEVs to sustainable partners with which it has close ties including: charities, cooperatives and companies.

As part of the partnership between Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation, Eneco has purchased 40 i-MiEVs: compact 100% electric vehicles manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (“i-MiEV” stands for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle). The majority of the cars will be used by Eneco, but a number of them will be lend to partners of Eneco that are strongly committed to sustainability.

During a celebratory gathering, Mr. Tatsuya Kaji, Corporate General Manager Mitsubishi Motors Europe & Middle East, handed over the car keys to employees of Eneco, Stedin and Joulz, and to a number of sustainable partners of Eneco such as Rotterdam Zoo, Center Parcs and the local energy cooperatives LochemEnergie and Veenstroom. This way, Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Eneco are supporting the ultimate form of transport of the future: the electric car. Furthermore, the i-MiEVs  will be running on Eneco’s brand of 100% sustainable electricity: HollandseWind.

Mitsubishi Corporation and Eneco both aim to make sustainable energy available for everyone. Both companies have made and continue to make substantial investments in electric mobility. These include Eneco’s pioneering efforts by installing the first public charge spot in 2008 and Mitsubishi Corporation’s investment in Lithium Energy Japan, a company that manufactures lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

From Eneco.com

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