Fokker to build tail of the new Dassault Falcon 5X

falconFokker Aerostructures, a Business Unit of Fokker Technologies, designs and produces the tail for the all new Dassault Business Jet, the Falcon 5X, which has been officially launched by Dassault Aviation in the USA.

Fokker is responsible for the innovative design and for the manufacturing of the complete tail. The empennage will feature advanced lightweight solutions involving Fokker’s state-of-the-art thermoplastics in the rudder and the elevator of the tail. Engineering teams of both companies collaborate closely together in Paris and in the Netherlands since 2011. The tail will be produced in the Dutch Fokker facilities in Papendrecht and in Hoogeveen. 100 Fokker specialists will work on the program. Dassault Aviation and Fokker have a longstanding business relationship. Fokker is also responsible for the wing movables of the very successful Dassault Falcon 7X.The order confirms the position of Fokker as a market leader in light-weight empennages for business jets.

Fokker Executive Jan de Jong said: “We are very proud  to be part of this team. It is great that Dassault Aviation has selected Fokker to design and produce the tail of this all new state of the art Falcon 5X Business Jet. This means a high-value flow of work with all its associated spin-off benefits. It is also a confirmation of the fruitful collaboration with Dassault Aviation which we have already enjoyed on the Falcon 7X program.”


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