De Rotterdam, vertical city by Rem Koolhaas, completed

derotterdamThe largest multifunctional building in the Netherlands has been completed. Less than 4 years after starting construction, MAB Development and OVG Real Estate have handed over De Rotterdam to its future users. After a period of finishing and furnishing, residents will start to move into this vertical city, designed by OMA, in early 2014. De Rotterdam, totalling 160.000 m2 of floor space on an area the size of just one football field, is a building that calls for superlatives. When, probably in the autumn of 2014 the entire building is occupied (around 85% has already been rented out or sold), the total number of people on the Wilhelmina Pier will be doubled. On average around 5,000 people will be in the building on a daily basis. Aside from being the most densely built-up piece of land in the Netherlands, this will make it the most densely populated area too (OVG).

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