Nidera Argentina in top ten sustainable companies

nideraOn November 18th 2013, Nidera Argentina received a Good Corporate Citizen Award, a prize awarded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (AmCham). At a ceremony attended by more than 400 executives, academics and field specialists, Nidera was recognized for its corporate management oriented towards sustainability.

For the last 15 years, AmCham Argentina has been organizing the Good Corporate Citizen Award to recognize companies that are managed with an orientation towards sustainability and that have implemented sustainability procedures, products and services. Due to the track-record and excellence of the jury and the transparency of the assessment method, the AmCham award has become the benchmark event for companies committed to sustainability.

The 2013 Award, which from its inception has received more than 1200 applications, went to Nidera, Banco Galicia, Carrefour, Dow Argentina, Grupo Sancor Seguros, Kimberly-Clark, Loma Negra, Manpower, Natura and Petrobrás.

To obtain this distinction, the company submitted documentation to demonstrate its compliance with all the required criteria with regard to corporate governance (accountability, stakeholders´ active participation, ethics, transparency and leadership) and economic, social and environmental performance. In other words, AmCham assesses the way participating companies manage their business.

At Nidera, this includes policies on subjects such as Human Rights, Environment and Workplace Health and Safety, as well as the corporate capital expenditure in Argentina. But also the support provided to small companies in the industry, industrial waste reduction, other environmental indicators such as energy and water consumption, RTRS soy certification, the promotion of good farming practices (Nidera’s programs such as Agricultura Consciente and Qué Hay de Nuevo en Mi Suelo), the performance of company staff, the post-maternity working day reduction, local economic development, community commitment, volunteering programs, product and services liability and the management of suppliers and distributors relations were taken into account.

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