ISO 9001 certification for Nidera Sementes Brazil

nideraAfter almost 3 years of hard work and preparation, Nidera Sementes in Brazil announced that they have been granted an ISO 9001 certification. An audit by SGS found their quality management system in full compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards this past month, which is the culmination of a process that was started at the beginning of 2011. With this system, it is possible to manage and control the quality of company transactions, raise awareness about all organizational processes, achieve continuous development and ensure customer satisfaction.

The guidelines of ISO 9001:2008 define the criteria for an effective quality management system by providing a framework that a company or organization can follow to set up such a system. Using ISO 9001:2008 can provide assurance to company management and employees as well as external stakeholders that our quality management is being measured and improved.

Other Nidera facilities that obtained an ISO 9001 certification previously are Valentin Alsina, BOM Brazil and Nidera Uruguay

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