Rotterdam The Hague Airport handled 24% more passengers in 2013

rtmairportRotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) in 2013 handled no less than 24% more passengers as compared to 2012. Passenger numbers in 2013 grew well over the 1.5 million mark to 1,590.144, up from 1.273.147 in 2012. September 2013 was a particularly good month for the airport, with a record growth of almost 30% more passengers, as compared with the same month a year before.

With these results Rotterdam The Hague Airport is not only consolidating its position in the Dutch aviation market, but also accelerating its rise as a convenient regional airport. RTHA is perfectly situated between the Rotterdam and The Hague urban centres, that have a combined population of around 2,5 million people.

Growth was first of all caused by more low cost flights to cities and holiday destinations all over Europe, for instance those by Air France-KLM daughter Transavia. Last year also saw the arrival of two crucial new connections that put the airport on the map of intercontinental travel: Lufthansa flights to Munich and British Airways/American Airlines flights to London Heatrow. Both new routes link Rotterdam The Hague Airport to a large number of connecting flights from both those European hubs to destinations all over the world. With these new connections RTHA is developing into an alternative, though not a competitor, for Schiphol airport.

And much more is still in store for 2014. Turkish Airlines will open a base in Rotterdam in March, adding several flights a week to its hub in Istanbul, bringing even more onward connections within range of RTHA. British Airways will open a second route to and from RTHA and start flying to London City, By doing so BA will be competing with City Jet, another Air France-KLM daughter already operating the same route. City Jet has announced it will take up the challenge by using a bigger plane in 2014 on the Rotterdam-London City route.

rthairportterminalMeanwhile real estate developments at Rotterdam The Hague Airport’s Business Park have been steadily growing too, with new offices going up regularly. Construction work just started on a new luxury hotel, to be opened early 2015. But above all, new passenger growth will mean that the terminal building will have to be expanded in the near future. Reportedly, plans have already been drawn up (picture Noorderlicht Architecten).

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