Mammoet turns Venezuelan Local Port into Heavy Lift Terminal


Mammoet, world leader in Engineered Heavy Lifting and Transport, has effectively turned the port of Güiria, Venezuela into a temporary Heavy Lift Terminal by employing its new Mammoet Terminal Crane, the MTC-15. The port of Güiria saw its need for heavy lifting increased after PDVSA, the Venezuelan National Oil Company, decided to build a new power plant 20 kilometers further inland.

Mammoet’s MTC-15 adds considerable crane capacity to the small local port, making it possible to bypass the nearest heavy lift facilities at the port of Trinidad and transport the power station modules and materials directly to Güiria.

By handling the shipment from Port to Foundation and bypassing the port of Trinidad, where the materials would have had to be re-loaded from the vessel onto several smaller barges, Mammoet’s approach saves a considerable amount of time and resources.

Mammoet has been subcontracted by main contractor Elecnor to transport a total of 40,000 freight tons, consisting of four turbines, four generators and general cargo. The installation of the turbines and generators will also be handled by Mammoet.

The first two turbines, two generators and general cargo have just arrived in Venezuela from their departure ports in respectively Europe, and the USA (Charleston and Houston). Mammoet is currently in the process of offloading the materials from the seagoing vessel (MV Jetstream) onto trailers to transport them to their final destination at the building site Juan Manuel Valdez.

The MTC-15 is a fully-containerized heavy lifting device developed with the purpose of providing general ports with heavy lift capabilities in a matter of days. Mobilization and demobilization of the MTC-15 is very efficient and the MTC-15 can be operated in any port capable of receiving containers.

The MTC-15’s load moment capacity is equal to a large 600-750 metric ton crawler crane, making it ideally suited for loading and offloading heavy items such as columns, vessels, reels, project cargo and engines without the need to reinforce the quay, further adding to speed of deployment and cost-effectiveness. Its capabilities give a port a leading edge in the ever-growing and increasingly demanding market (Mammoet).

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