Kloosterboer cools and freezes with solar power

Zonnepanelen-KloosterboerAt the start of April, the installation of solar panels on the roof of the Kloosterboer Delta Terminal at Maasvlakte was put in to operation.  A total of 1800 solar panels have been fitted to this cold storage facility. The installation has a capacity of  450 kWp and enables Kloosterboer to be largely self-sufficient for their energy needs.

Annual yield of 430,000 kWh
The installation has an expected annual yield of 430,000 kWh. This corresponds to the annual consumption of 130 households, saving 140 tons of CO2 on an annual basis. The energy generated is to be used almost entirely for the energy needs of the building and the associated refrigeration installations.  At times when there is not any demand for electricity by the establishment itself, the power will be delivered back to the grid.

According to the Port Vision 2030, the aim is to meet 30% of energy needs using sustainably generated power by 2030. This mainly concerns biomass, wind and the sun. The port of Rotterdam Authority is itself developing a solar park, but the greatest potential for solar energy lies with the companies operating in the port. Thanks to the many large warehouses, Rotterdam’s port area could develop into a solar park covering more than 100 hectares. The Kloosterboer initiative is an example worth following.

The solar panel system forms part of Kloosterboer’s ambition to establish and profile itself as sustainable. Kloosterboer is affiliated with the Lean & Green organization as well and runs a wind turbine with a capacity of 4 MW in Vlissingen. The company is family-owned and has 85 years of experience in international produce and other temperature-controlled trades. It has subsidiaries specialized in warehousing, stevedoring, forwarding, shipping, customs and logistics IT. With over 3 million m3 / 500.000 tonnes storage capacity spread across 15 locations and more than 600 employees, Kloosterboer is one of the leading companies in this sector (Kloosterboer).

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