Rotterdam to develop Brazilian greenfield port

portocentralOn 29 April the Port of Rotterdam Authority and TPK (Terminal Presidente Kennedy) Logistica signed a joint venture agreement in Vitória, Brazil for the development of Porto Central, a new port in Brazil. TPK Logistica is owned by a group of Brazilian companies with a great deal of experience in the mining, construction and offshore sectors.

The ‘greenfield’ port will be built in the southernmost part of the state of Espirito Santo in the industrial heart of Brazil. It will be an industrial deep sea port for the handling of oil, gas, dry bulk, containers and general cargo. The port will also serve as a support centre for the strongly growing offshore sector. In the coming time, the already existing market interest will be specified and the required permits will be obtained. The Port Authority’s main role will be providing its extensive expertise and knowledge in the field of port development. An investment decision will not be made until a later stage.

Approximately 30 million tonnes of cargo is transported yearly between Brazil and the port of Rotterdam, with iron ore traditionally far and away the major cargo type. This makes the port of Rotterdam the most important European port for Brazil. Other Brazilian cargo which comes to the Netherlands includes oil products, basic chemical products and fruit juices. Meat, fruit and car parts are good for containerised cargo. Brazil is one of the BRIC countries. With its natural riches and aged port infrastructure, the country offers great potential for port development. The Port Authority has been operating in Brazil since 2010, when it was asked by the Brazilian government to advise on a strategic study into remodelling the Brazilian port sector, which consists of 34 public ports along the 8,000-kilometre coastline. The Port Authority has had its own office in São Paulo since 2012, but will continue to provide intensive support for the joint venture in Vitória from Rotterdam as well. Four Port Authority employees currently work in Brazil (Port of Rotterdam).

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  1. Interesting article and a new chapter in Dutch Portuguese/Brazilian relationship maybe it can be expanded to include Indonesia and Southern Africa, areas that have mixed Dutch Portuguese history

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