Opportunities in Cabo Verde’s agribusiness

abd logoAtlantico Business Development, a Dutch consultancy focused on Portuguese speaking countries, has produced a practical guide for doing business in the agribusiness sector in emerging Cabo Verde. Cabo Verde today is growing fast as a holiday destination for European tourists, combining political stability, security and guaranteed good weather. At this moment the country receives about 600.000 tourists per year, a number that is expected to rise by 2019 to around 1 million per year. Cabo Verde even has the potential to host between 2 and 3 million tourists per year in a decade or so, which would make the country one of Africa’s most important tourist destinations. These fast growing numbers of European tourists will need to be supplied continuously with good quality fresh food and other products, which at this moment poses an enormous challenge to the Cabo Verde tourist sector.

The local agribusiness sector meanwhile is preparing itself well for these new opportunities, with strong support from the Cabo Verde government. But the sector faces stiff challenges itself, like shortages of land, water, capital, modern means of production and guaranteed shipping among the various islands. The last issue is of vital importance, as 75% of tourists tend to visit Sal and Boa Vista islands, islands that produce very little food themselves and depend on imports for around 80% of their needs.

By 2019 consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables will probably rise to an average of 10.000 kilo’s per day. This will create opportunities for local producers of a number of products and for exporters abroad for those products that will still be needing (additional) imports. It will also create investment opportunities in the Cabo Verde agribusiness sector, especially on Sal and Boa Vista islands. On these islands you are as close as can be to the tourist market for the greatest efficiency. In fact, investing in the production of fresh fruits and vegetables with modern techniques, especially on Sal and Boa Vista is a golden opportunity.

The practical guide (in the Dutch language) was made at the request of the Dutch Embassy in Dakar and can now be downloaded from their website. If you are interested in doing business with Cabo Verde, feel free to contact Atlantico Business Development directly.