Multi-annual and exclusive contract for Kotug

Kotug_logoFive members of the G6-Alliance (APL, Hyundai, MOL, NYK Line and OOCL) have awarded a multi-annual and exclusive contract to Kotug for towage services in the Port of Rotterdam with effect from January 1st 2015. Kotug’s CEO Ard-Jan Kooren said: “This contract is a milestone for our European harbour towage. Our mission is ‘exceeding our clients expectations’ and building long term relationships. We are glad that our investments resulted in this multi-annual towage contract and being recognized by our clients as a high-quality towage provider“.

Key priorities for the 5 members of the G6-Alliance in the decision to select Kotug as their exclusive towage provider in the Port of Rotterdam, was to find an operator who could deliver 24/7 services based on reliable, innovative, efficient and safe operations. Kotug operates a young and powerful tug fleet, including the revolutionary hybrid Rotortug technology, a professional company management system and a highly trained and dedicated crew.

One of the member carriers said in a statement: “This partnership embodies many years of trust and shared values. Kotug, a family-owned company, represents a professional and flexible approach to its clients. The power of short communication lines ensures a good dialogue about operational efficiency and effectiveness”.

“Kotug is a reliable partner who thinks ahead about new market requirements. Our larger ship sizes with capacities of 14,000 up to 20,000 TEU require stronger tugboats. By continuous investment in its fleet capacity and sustainable technologies, Kotug meets our collective growth ambition.”

Alongside towage services, Kotug delivers nautical consultancy services to advice its clients of a new harbour and terminal design. Ard-Jan Kooren states: “Recently, we formed a strategic partnership with STC-Group, an education and knowledge institute for the shipping, transport and port industries. As a result of this partnership a state of the art Rotortug-simulator has been developed. For our clients we can simulate a new harbor, such as Maasvlakte II, or terminal design and berthing layout options in order to advise them about tug power requirements.