SBM Offshore performed well in 2014

sbmSBM Offshore ended 2014 with a good underlying financial performance, ahead of expectations for the second straight year. The company reached an important milestone in announcing an out-of-court settlement agreement with the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office (Openbaar Ministerie) over the inquiry into alleged improper payments, whilst the US Department of Justice declined to prosecute and has closed its inquiry into the matter. This marks a big step forward in putting the company’s legacy issues to rest.

Furthermore the year was marked by continued project execution with the delivery of two FPSOs, securing financing for a number of projects and continued strengthening of the balance sheet. Directional revenue increased 5% to US$3,545 million, while Directional backlog remains near record highs at US$21.8 billion. This was reinforced by strong operational performance with consistently high uptime across the fleet of over 99%.

Bruno Chabas, CEO of SBM Offshore, commented the following: The effects of the recent drop in oil prices are being felt across the offshore services industry in the form of lower order intake. This reduction is putting pressure on suppliers’ capacity. While SBM Offshore is no exception, the current macro environment should not overshadow our sound 2014 financial results. In the last twelve months, we achieved significant progress on a number of operational and corporate objectives. Furthermore, the company is uniquely positioned to weather this period of uncertainty thanks to its strong Lease and Operate backlog that provides long-term cash flow, is unaffected by movements in oil prices or production levels. As a result, the company expects a steady increase in cash flow over the coming years as we continue to deliver the projects under construction. My appreciation goes to all of our employees for staying focused, responsive and adaptable during a challenging year.  I remain optimistic about the medium to long-term prospects for our industry in general and SBM Offshore in particular(SBM Offshore).