VLM to fly Rotterdam-Hamburg twice daily

rtmairportBelgian operator VLM Airlines will this April be launching daily scheduled flights between Rotterdam (Netherlands)-Hamburg (Germany), and Antwerp (Belgium)- Hamburg. The move continues VLM Airlines’ evolution as a scheduled operator, building on the launch of an Antwerp-Geneva service last month. Continue reading “VLM to fly Rotterdam-Hamburg twice daily”

Vueling to fly Rotterdam-Barcelona route

rtmairportSpanish airline Vueling announced it will fly between Rotterdam (RTM) and Barcelona (BCN) airports from April 2015. Flights will take place four times a week: on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Flights are already bookable at http://www.vueling.com. The Vueling flights come on top of those carried out by Dutch airline Transavia (of the Air France-KLM Group), that connect the two cities four times a week already. The frequency of Transavia’s flights will be increased to 6 or 7 per week during summer 2015. The abundance of cheap flights between RTM and BCN will contribute to the growing tourist and business links between the metropolitan area of Barcelona (5,4 million people and the capital of independence-minded Catalonia) and the metropolitan region of Rotterdam-The Hague (2,5 million inhabitants and combining the largest port on the Atlantic with the political capital of the Netherlands).

Rotterdam The Hague Airport handled 24% more passengers in 2013

rtmairportRotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) in 2013 handled no less than 24% more passengers as compared to 2012. Passenger numbers in 2013 grew well over the 1.5 million mark to 1,590.144, up from 1.273.147 in 2012. September 2013 was a particularly good month for the airport, with a record growth of almost 30% more passengers, as compared with the same month a year before. Continue reading “Rotterdam The Hague Airport handled 24% more passengers in 2013”

CityJet to increase capacity on London City-Rotterdam route

cityjetavroCityJet outlined its new summer network and schedule that starts on the 30th of March, 2014. With the launch of the new Summer network, CityJet is focusing on strengthening its core routes from London City Airport, with increased frequencies on key destinations, while opening a number of new routes from Cardiff Airport. The increased capacity to existing destinations will strengthen the CityJet current network, and will provide additional connections to passengers flying on partner network hubs. CityJet will redeploy capacity on its London City – Rotterdam route on key rotations by introducing the Avro RJ85 aircraft, instead of the venerable Fokker 50 turboprop. Continue reading “CityJet to increase capacity on London City-Rotterdam route”

Turkish Airlines to set up base in Rotterdam

rtmairportTurkish Airlines will open a second base in the Netherlands at ‘Rotterdam The Hague Airport’. As of 4 March seven employees of Turkish Airlines will be stationed in Rotterdam to handle the new regular services between Rotterdam and home base Istanbul.  Continue reading “Turkish Airlines to set up base in Rotterdam”

British Airways to fly Rotterdam-London City

British Airways plcBritish Airways will – due to growing demand – open a new route between Rotterdam The Hague Airport and London City Airport in March 2014. The new service will see a Saab SF-2000 turboprop aircraft (leased from Eastern Airways) fly up and down five times a day. The 50-passenger Saab SF-2000 will be replaced from September 2014 by a bigger plane, an Embraer 170, with a 76-seat capacity. The new route comes on top of a twice daily BA flight between Rotterdam and London Heathrow, that connects the Rotterdam region to the world via BA’s intercontinental services.

Google Flights is the ultimate traveller’s tool

By Arnout Nuijt

rtmairportIf you are a frequent flyer you may have struggled more than once to find the information you wanted on the net when booking your next trip. Try for instance to find out from what airports you can fly to Perugia for that short holiday in Umbria. You would have to search databases like Amadeus or Expedia and type in various departure points to find out whether you can fly from there. But you would also have to try all days of the week for each departure and destination combination. Flight search works like that.  It’s a tedious and frustrating job. And then these travel sites hardly ever include budget airlines, something you will be definitely looking for. So, you search all of those sites as well and it will cost you an hour or so to find out all your flight options.

No longer. Continue reading “Google Flights is the ultimate traveller’s tool”

Fokker to build tail of the new Dassault Falcon 5X

falconFokker Aerostructures, a Business Unit of Fokker Technologies, designs and produces the tail for the all new Dassault Business Jet, the Falcon 5X, which has been officially launched by Dassault Aviation in the USA.

Fokker is responsible for the innovative design and for the manufacturing of the complete tail. Continue reading “Fokker to build tail of the new Dassault Falcon 5X”

Atlantico Weekly – August 30th Edition

The August 30th Edition of Atlantico Weekly is ready for you, with: more Chinese doctors for Cape Verde, AfDB invests in Cape Verde tech sector, Sao Vicente Fashion Week,  Angolan president not stepping down, why Angola blocks a customs union, a Spar for Luanda, from dollar to kwanza trading, Statoil betting on Angola, Fugro wins big Angola order, Coal India in Mozambique, Maputo fair under way, Anadarko sell Rovuma stake, a Thai hotel for Bazaruto, Cape Verde Business News, Angola Business News and Mozambique Business News.

Brazil Weekly – August 23rd Edition

The August 23rd Edition of Brazil Weekly is ready for you with: Judge Barbosa to run for president,  a new Ambassador to the Netherlands,  4000 Cuban doctors hired, Mirages retired, central bank tries to stop real fall, Brazil’s bus industry, VW’s Kombi production halted, airlines face headwinds, Rio fines litter, medical tourism on the rise and of course much more…

Islands of Sun and Freedom in a Sea of Opportunities

Arnout Nuijt, Editor-in-Chief of Atlantico Weekly and CEO of Atlantico Business Development (an international consultancy specialized in Portuguese speaking Africa), spoke with Cape Verde’s Prime Minister José Maria Neves.

Prime-minister, thank you for talking to Atlantico Weekly. First of all allow me to congratulate you on the 38th anniversary of your country’s independence from Portugal. Cape Verde has made great economic gains over the last few years. How will you maintain economic growth in the future? Thank you. Our strategy is to become an international services hub. Cape Verde does not possess any natural resources, like oil or diamonds. We have our people and we have sun, freedom and lots of opportunities. Our tourism sector grows by 25% annually and we will probably reach the one million tourists per year mark by 2017. Our maritime opportunities are huge too. With our new maritime borders we will control around 1 million square miles of sea, covering strategic international shipping lanes.

We are developing our economy around various clusters of opportunities. Let me mention for instance the Sea Cluster, which brings together our opportunities in logistics, fisheries, ship repair, bunkering, cruise terminals, etc. Next we have the cluster for renewable energies. It’s our aim to reach up to 100% energy dependency on renewables by 2020. We are now at 30% by the way. We don’t have an oil company like Sonangol in Angola, but we will build our own Sonangol in renewable Continue reading “Islands of Sun and Freedom in a Sea of Opportunities”

More Growth for Rotterdam-The Hague Airport

Last year was a good year for Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. The regional airport on the northern edge of Rotterdam is steadily growing, adding more and more European cities to its destinations. Besides the fact that Rotterdam-The Hague Airport has become one of low-cost carrier Transavia’s hubs for holiday and regular flights throughout the year, it has also been adding a couple of routes from two of Europe’s main carriers: British Airways and Lufthansa. And more is still to come… Continue reading “More Growth for Rotterdam-The Hague Airport”

Brazil’s New Jet Fighter Saga

By Arnout Nuijt

Last week Reuters reported that President Dilma Rousseff had decided to wait until mid-2013 to make a decision on Brazil’s multibillion-dollar Air Force jets contract. What, again? Yes, again… So how should we interpret this delay? Most observers seem to agree that this development increases Boeing’s Super Hornet chances of winning the deal, instead of the earlier favorite, the French Dassault Rafale. So is this delay upon delay a tactical and polite way of saying no to the French? Possibly, but there is more at stake in this deal than meets the eye. It’s not just about buying 36 new planes. It’s all about the future of Brazil’s aviation and technology sectors and Brazil must make the best possible deal if it wants to achieve its ambitions… Continue reading “Brazil’s New Jet Fighter Saga”

Cape Verde’s Unique Aviation Opportunity

By Arnout Nuijt

While the Cape Verde government recently announced the creation of a (government staffed) working group that has to find ways to attract more and cheaper flights to the country, two other aviation related news items – involving national carrier TACV – are worth mentioning. Firstly the Cape Verde press reported that TACV needs 50 million Euros to pay off its debt and secondly it appears that the two newly acquired TACV Boeing 737’s (bought to replace its ageing Boeing 757’s) do not have the sufficient range to fly fully loaded to and from its core destinations, such as Boston, Paris, Amsterdam or even Lisbon. The company is therefore planning to lease a Boeing 767 for its longer haul flights.

The latter is strange news. The most recent types of 737’s should have the right range for serving those destinations. In fact, the Dutch company Arkefly (part of the Tui group) operates 737’s on its Amsterdam – Boa Vista route, a flight that takes 6,5 hours, much more than the Praia-Lisbon route, and the planes are full. Arkefly also uses the 737 on its Amsterdam-Fortaleza route, though with a refueling stop on Sal Island. So, what’s wrong with the TACV planes? Is TACV trying to carry extra cargo on top of the passenger’s luggage? That might just not be possible. TACV is often painted in the Cape Verde press as inefficient and prone to mismanagement. Is this recent acquisition just another example and another missed opportunity for TACV? Let’s take a good look at the challenges that face TACV as well as the opportunities for the aviation industry in Cape Verde.  Continue reading “Cape Verde’s Unique Aviation Opportunity”