OMA to design Shanghai Exhibition Centre

OMAshanghaiOMA of Rotterdam has won the competition to design an Exhibition Centre in Shanghai. The project site, occupying the former ‘Shanghai Shipyard’, has a long history of marine industry. The new Exhibition Centre is positioned on the ramp of a former ship cradle and provides a concentrated event space within the surrounding financial district. Continue reading “OMA to design Shanghai Exhibition Centre”

OMA updates Rotterdam Kunsthal

kunsthalThe Kunsthal in Rotterdam, designed by OMA in 1992, reopens this month after an extensive renovation. After more than 20 years of intense use, OMA, the city of Rotterdam and the Kunsthal have completed their comprehensive plan to upgrade the performance of the building in terms of energy, security, program and circulation. The glass facades and roof are now fitted with high performance insulation materials. But there is more.  Continue reading “OMA updates Rotterdam Kunsthal”

Intercultural communication? Just be yourself

By Arnout Nuijt

avatarMany, many years ago, he was “my first Mexican”, the diplomat who came to visit us at our office. He never knew it, but he taught me the risks of cultural profiling, the generalisations and assumptions we make of the world’s different cultures and their ways of doing business, aka intercultural communication.

Back to the Mexican diplomat. We knew beforehand he wanted something from us we could not give him, simply because it was not in our power. While knowing nothing about Mexicans, I advised my colleagues (to whom his demand was directed) to start the meeting calmly, drinking some coffee and talking about anything but the subject in question, until the diplomat himself would smoothly raise the issue. We would then refrain from reacting directly and bluntly (the way we Dutchmen usually do), but withhold our answer, while explaining our position. I would then contact him several days later to deliver the “final verdict”.

That was the plan. Continue reading “Intercultural communication? Just be yourself”

Unique Dalí Collection Back Home in Rotterdam

surrealFor the last ten months seven works of Salvador Dalí (1904-1981) have travelled to major Dalí exhibitions in Europe. Icons from Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s collection of Surrealist works, including Couple aux têtes pleines de nuages and Impressions d’Afrique have been exhibited in France and Spain. The museum is marking the homecoming of the paintings with a display of more than twenty-five works from its prestigious Surrealist collection, plus three rare loans of work by Dalí from the collection of the Museo Nacional Centro d’Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid.

Director Sjarel Ex – ‘Loans to leading international museums let the whole world see how superb Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s collection of Surrealist works really is. The collection is of inestimable value to Rotterdam and the Netherlands.’ Continue reading “Unique Dalí Collection Back Home in Rotterdam”

Rotterdam World Food Festival

worldfoodFive weeks of culinary delights in a brand new festival, the World Food Festival, Rotterdam, from 18 September until 27 October 2013

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about food. ‘Food’ is hotter than ever and Rotterdam is bubbling over with ideas. The World Food Festival presents all things culinary with a twist of Rotterdam from 18 September to 27 October. For over five weeks, restaurants and cafes, food producers, scientists and top chefs see, hear and listen to the delights Rotterdam has to offer. The festival is held at venues throughout the city and port. With Museumpark at the heart of this spicy festival of flavours. Continue reading “Rotterdam World Food Festival”

Kokoschka’s portraits at Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum

kokoschkaThe expressive and colourful paintings of the Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980) are not just the subject of the major autumn exhibition in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. The museum and PAN Amsterdam are creating a contextual link between the exhibition in Rotterdam and the art fair in Amsterdam. The exhibition’s guest curator, Beatrice von Bormann, is compiling a tour for PAN Amsterdam (24 November – 1 December) that focuses on the versatility of Kokoschka’s oeuvre.

Along this route, art historian Beatrice von Bormann explains the different disciplines that Kokoschka mastered and used in his work. The tour she is designing at PAN Amsterdam covers paintings and decorative art objects that are for sale at the fair – from old masters to contemporary artists. Von Bormann explains the link between each of the chosen objects and Kokoschka’s work. A map of the route will be available at the entrance to PAN Amsterdam in the RAI exhibition centre. Continue reading “Kokoschka’s portraits at Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum”