Rediscovering the Americas: The World’s 15 Best Countries for Business in 2014

terminalThe US, Germany, Poland and Mexico are among next year’s Best Countries for Business. Rotterdam Week in cooperation with Atlantico Business Development (an international consultancy based in Rotterdam) has selected the best 15 markets of 2014/15 for your direct investment or for exporting your products. Continue reading “Rediscovering the Americas: The World’s 15 Best Countries for Business in 2014”

The Netherlands among top countries in OECD’s global education survey

logooecd_enSome Asian countries as well as Switzerland and the Netherlands outperform the rest of the world in the OECD’s latest PISA survey, which evaluates the knowledge and skills of the world’s 15-year-olds. The OECD’s PISA 2012 tested more than 510,000 students in 65 countries and economies on maths, reading and science. The main focus was on maths. Math proficiency is a strong predictor of positive outcomes for young adults. It influences their ability to participate in post-secondary education and their expected future earnings. Continue reading “The Netherlands among top countries in OECD’s global education survey”

Will a cabinet reshuffle save the Polish government?

By Remi Adekoya

donald tuskPrime Minister Donald Tusk has seen his popularity tank in recent months. The party he leads, Civic Platform (PO), is hardly in better shape. The latest TNS Polska poll showed the ruling party trailing its biggest rival opposition Law and Justice by 9 percentage points. Recent weeks have seen financial scandals come to light involving PO politicians. These are not happy days for the PM and his party. And so Mr Tusk has decided his government needs a make-over replacing seven ministers including the man who has been in charge of Poland’s finances for the past 6 years, Jacek Rostowski. The environment ministry, sports and tourism ministry, higher education and science ministry, digitalization and administration ministry and education ministry also all have new bosses as of today. Continue reading “Will a cabinet reshuffle save the Polish government?”

Port of Rotterdam strenghtens hub function for Eastern Europe

terminalSeacon Logistics has started a rail service between Poland and the United Kingdom for a number of large shippers, via the port of Rotterdam. The Russian Fesco Transportation Group has started a regular weekly service between North America and Saint Petersburg via transhipment in the port of Rotterdam. Continue reading “Port of Rotterdam strenghtens hub function for Eastern Europe”

Port of Rotterdam improves Poland, Norway connections

terminalThe Port of Rotterdam has improved several connections to both Norway and Poland. ERS Railways recently added a new departure on the Szwarzędz-Rotterdam route, increasing the frequency from five to six per week. The train, which carries both containers and trailers, stops directly in Rotterdam at the Europoort ferry terminal as well as at Rail Service Centre Rotterdam.

Samskip Intermodal this week starts a weekly short sea service between Rotterdam and the west coast of Norway, where the ports of Tananger, Bergen and Ålesund are served. Tschudi Lines has included the Norwegian port of Drammen to its ‘Baltic Services’ rotation. Now Tschudi Lines’ container vessel links the Baltic ports in Helsinki, Tallinn and Klaipeda with Drammen. Afterwards the ship goes to Esbjerg, Immingham and Rotterdam.

(PoR, Baltic Transport Journal)

Is Donald Tusk about to lose his parliamentary majority?

By Remi Adekoya

donald tuskWith Poland’s first black MP John Godson quitting Civic Platform (PO) last week, the ruling PO-Polish People’s Party (PSL) coalition saw its parliamentary majority shrink to three votes. Then it was announced that Jacek Żalek, an MP, was being suspended from PO for three months for having repeatedly broken with party ranks during parliamentary voting. On the news, Jarosław Gowin, a former justice minister who just lost PO’s leadership election to Prime Minister Donald Tusk last month, announced he was voluntarily suspending his own membership of the party in solidarity with Mr Żalek, a political ally.

All three politicians are staunch conservatives whose main beef with Prime Minister Tusk today is that he has taken the party too far to the left on social and economic issues.

Along with Mr Żalek, Mr Gowin himself had been given a symbolic fine by PO’s disciplinary committee, also for breaking with party discipline during several parliamentary votes. But now his voluntary suspension means the PO-PSL coalition has the thinnest of possible majorities – one vote. Continue reading “Is Donald Tusk about to lose his parliamentary majority?”