Erasmus, Stellenbosch Universities join forces

logoeurErasmus University Rotterdam and Stellenbosch University (South Africa) are going to collaborate even more intensively. On Tuesday, 11 November 2014, Rector Magnificus Prof. Huibert Pols, on behalf of Erasmus University, and Prof. Johan Hattingh, on behalf of SU, signed a Memorandum of Understanding and a partnership agreement in respect of a joint PhD programme. There is already faculty and institutional level cooperation with Stellenbosch University. Continue reading “Erasmus, Stellenbosch Universities join forces”

IHC Merwede to build South African dredger

ihcIHC Merwede has been awarded a contract for the design, construction and delivery of a 5,500m3 trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) to Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA), South Africa. The company was selected after a successful submission into an open tender process for what will be the largest dredging vessel of its kind operating in the country. Continue reading “IHC Merwede to build South African dredger”

South Africa needs more export competitiveness and regional integration, World Bank reports

saflagGreater export competitiveness and deeper regional integration could help propel South Africa towards faster-growing exports, allowing it to achieve higher, more inclusive, job-intensive growth as laid out in the country’s National Development Plan (NDP) 2030, according to the World Bank’s South Africa Economic Update. Continue reading “South Africa needs more export competitiveness and regional integration, World Bank reports”

The Democratic Alliance and South Africa’s 2014 elections

By Arnout Nuijt

dacampaignWith less than six months to go, South Africa’s national elections already fuel many speculations. As I wrote earlier, the big game changer may be Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters. The EFF may grab up to 10% of the national vote (one poll put them even at 12%), mostly votes previously cast on the ruling ANC. That will not cost the ANC its absolute majority, as it last time won a comfortable 65%. But the opposition Democratic Alliance will also be looking to steal votes from the ANC by targeting its (new middle class) voters. The DA thinks it can improve its score of 17% of 2009 dramatically. It also boasts it will take the key Gauteng province (the economic and political centres of Johannesburg and Pretoria) in the process. But a focus on Gauteng, with an uncertain outcome, contains some risks for the DA. Continue reading “The Democratic Alliance and South Africa’s 2014 elections”

Royal HaskoningDHV achieves Level 2 Black Economic-Empowerment status in South Africa

logo-rhdhv-largeRoyal HaskoningDHV was one of the very first independent consulting engineering companies in Southern Africa and later, also one of the first to be established as an empowerment company. Continue reading “Royal HaskoningDHV achieves Level 2 Black Economic-Empowerment status in South Africa”

South Africa: IMF urges firm reform

malema2South Africa’s economy has made important strides over the past two decades. Rising income levels have resulted in declining poverty rates, and strong institutions and policy frameworks have contributed to macroeconomic stability and greater integration with the global economy. However, in recent years the country’s structural problems that are holding back growth and job creation have come to the fore. The economy has underperformed other emerging markets and commodity exporters, exacerbating South Africa’s already-high levels of unemployment (25 percent) and inequality, and contributing to rising social tensions. At the same time, Continue reading “South Africa: IMF urges firm reform”

Unilever to drive mobile presence in key markets

unilever logoLondon/Rotterdam – Unilever has signed a new deal with mobile marketing company Brandtone, which will enable its brands to use the power of mobile and big data to build long-term one-to-one relationships with consumers, particularly in emerging markets, where mobile is a key tool to reach them – and to do so at scale. India, Indonesia, China and US are to be a focus of Unilever’s new mobile marketing initiatives.

As part of the deal, which was announced at the Mobile Marketing Association’s SM2 event in New York, Unilever will support Brandtone’s expansion into four new markets: India, China, Indonesia, and the US. Unilever will also build on the existing relationship with Brandtone in South Africa, Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia and Turkey. Continue reading “Unilever to drive mobile presence in key markets”

Why Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters could become a game changer for South African politics

By Arnout Nuijt

EFF-Logo_WebSouth Africa’s former African National Congress Youth League leader, Julius Malema, last week successfully registered his political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), for the 2014 national elections. Mr Malema promises to provide free and quality education, healthcare and sanitation, as well as redistributing land and nationalising the mines. Although he was expelled from the ruling ANC, Mr Malema is popular, especially with the young and the poor. That is potentially bad news for business and investors, but time will tell if he is able to transform his popularity into real votes next year.

According to the BBC, Mr Malema described the launch of the EFF as “the beginning of [a] real radical, militant and decisive political programme which will lead to real emancipation of the people of South Africa, Africa and the world”. And Continue reading “Why Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters could become a game changer for South African politics”

Deon Meyer, South Africa’s thriller writer

By Arnout Nuijt

deonmeyerThe gentleman who had entered the Mozambican hotel elevator on the same floor as I did must have been a good observer. He said, while nodding his head towards the book I was holding: I see you are reading Deon Meyer. Indeed, I replied, it’s my first one and I find it pretty good. We chatted for a few seconds and he advised me to read Blood Safari. It’s set around here, you know, he said, in a slight South African accent and with a meaningful smile before he disappeared. On my way back from Mozambique, at Johannesburg airport, I picked up Deon Meyer’s Blood Safari and Heart of the Hunter. They were other fine reads and yes, Blood Safari’s plot is highly connected to a tragic (and historical) incident on the Mozambique border. Which one is for you to find out.

Deon Meyer writes great thriller/action/crime stories set in post-apartheid South Africa, mainly in Cape Town. His realistic characters are fading police detectives, bodyguards or former hit men, each with his own problem. Matt Joubert and Continue reading “Deon Meyer, South Africa’s thriller writer”